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Registration for games through TableTop Events (TTE) is not really straightforward.  We realize, acknowledge are sorry for that.  But that is what we have to work with so here are some tips on game registration.

1.  Note that to sign up for games you must:

          A.  Register for ACGC, and then

          B.  Be logged on to TableTop Events

If you have not yet registered you can see the Schedule of Games only.

2.  Create an account (or log on with an existing account) with TableTop Events.  As below:  Go to 


          A.  Log In (to an existing TableTop Events account, or

          B.  Create and Account (on TableTop Events)

3.  Go to                                                      (

4.  Click on the "Get" button in the "Buy" column for a game you want to register for.

     which will lead you this (but only if you are logged in):

5.  Click on "Get Ticket for [your name] (ACGC Team, #X)"

      This will put the "ticket" into your "cart".  You are not finished!

      You will then see the ticket in your cart. Now click the "Checkout" 

6.  Now "Check Out For Free"

7.  You will then see a "receipt" confirming your game registration.

We hope this helps!  Problems?  Email: ACGameCon@gmail.con

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